TwinCaps keychain LGBT flag rainbow

TwinCaps keychain LGBT flag rainbow

A TwinCaps key ring with a rainbow flag design, symbolizing the LGBT equality movement.

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A TwinCaps key ring with a rainbow flag design, symbolizing the LGBT equality movement.

The key ring consists of two lids for cans with a capacity of 250, 330 and 500 ml and has a catch that facilitates opening the can.

Beverage degassing? Wasp or ants in an open can? You accidentally knocked it over and the contents spilled in the car or on important documents? Did you damage your nails when opening the metal pin? TwinCaps is the solution to the problem of an open can drink.


Set of two lids for opening and closing cans. Thanks to the appropriately placed notches in the hook of the covers, they can be removed or put on the carabiner.

Two covers

After unfolding the key ring, the smaller lid fits 250ml energy drinks cans, the larger one for 330 ml and 500 ml cans. Protection against: insects, spillage, excessive degassing and dirt.


With the protruding handle of any of the covers, pry the pin in the can and then open the can. This protects our nails from damage.

Be safe!

Our key ring is a guarantee of the safety of your drink. Forget insect problem, spill.

Twin Caps will provide a refreshing flavor by keeping the gas inside the can.


On the beach and in the garden

Protect your drink from wasps, ants and other insects!


Always refreshing

Keep the gas and drink temperature for longer!


No leakage or spillage

Avoid spilling your drink in the car, on the couch, on the desk!

The nails

Safe fingers and nails

Open the can with the clip to protect your fingers and nails from damage!

Data sheet

Data sheet